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It's Been Awhile

Oh hey there, it's been a while hasn't it? A few months - has it really been that long?

You might be wondering what happened to me.  Well, of course there is the age-old "life happened" excuse.  For me, life was non-stop grad school applications, traveling for said grad school applications, and finishing off the tail end of my undergraduate career.  I'm not in college anymore (for the time being) and wow does it feel weird.  Like, mega weird.

After finally settling down for a quick breather I'm ready to get back to blogging.  Who's with me? Look forward to regularly scheduled posts starting back up post-haste! *Insert confetti emoji right here, and all that*

Vlog 2 | Falafel Successes and North Carolina Trip!

Vlog #2 is up! Getting a bit more into this and you get to hear me ramble on for a longer period of time than last time, because I'm sure you all just cannot get sick of my voice!

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OOTD: Oversized Stripes

Montreal has finally experienced the inevitable drop in temperature (one of many) that signals the beginning of fall.  During the summer, it's not necessarily colder in this city than it is in New York or Boston - but once September rolls around, the temperature takes a nice swan dive into autumn.  Not the dreadful dive it takes in November, though.  That is when Montreal suddenly becomes ten degrees colder than my hometown in Rhode Island and remains that way throughout the winter (unless it's twenty degrees colder, in that case please kill me.)

So, I decided to try out this outfit combination the other day thinking that I wouldn't freeze my legs off.  I mean, they stayed on.  But I was itching to go home and throw on some pants, or like twenty blankets.  I have a low tolerance for these kinds of things - don't ask me why I moved to Canada. Speaking of my legs, were they always that white? (thanks, mom and dad)

Also, can I just say - why is it that when other bloggers or models wear oversized outfits they look dainty and chic (somehow) and I look the size of bear in the big blue house? Just an observation.  Still not sacrificing that comfort, but you know.

Sweater - & Other Stories (last season) / Skirt - Zara (similar) / Loafers - New Look

Very First Vlog

I did it, everyone! I vlogged! This is an exciting moment for me, can you tell? Check out the video below and tell me what you think in the comments! What else do you want to see next time?


OOTD: Plaid Dad

Have you ever been on a vacation, get back to regular life, and feel like you literally need another vacation? Like, now?  Last weekend I was out of town for my cousin's wedding and had a wonderful time but got back to Montreal feeling exhausted and 10lb heavier.  (I mean, when Nana makes pie, you eat it...)

Anyways, back to business.  Finally posting photos from last week that we shot but never got around to editing until now.  Totally loving this skirt despite the fact that Isaac doesn't really like it.  It's just so easy to pair with a black turtleneck and head on my way! Also can't help but fall in love with these shoes.  I'm currently editing (finally) my first vlog and so that should go up soon! Can't wait to share it with everyone and get some constructive criticism.  

Sweater - Topshop / Skirt - Isabel Marant / Shoes - Zara

Best Cross Body Bags for Fall (That Won't Break the Bank)

Net-a-Porter has just kindly informed me that cross body bags are in.  Fantastic! I own several of these, and now I have an excuse to buy more! I click through to the ~shop the editorial~ section and see a glorious array of Gucci to Loeffler Randall and Fendi.  With much reluctance, I update my preferences to price low to high, because who am I kidding, I don’t have hundreds to drop on that Gucci bag.  No matter how beautiful it is, or how perfectly it would go with that one dress I own.  Okay, page is loading up.  My eyes slowly roll to the back of my head as I am reminded that in the world of Net-a-Porter, cute cross body bags do not exist below the $300 mark.  You know what does exist below the $300 mark? Like, hundreds of cheap yet acceptable bottles of white wine.

I do not have $300 to spend on a bag, and if you’re like me then maybe you’re frustrated by the desire to obtain gorgeous bags without..the means.  My disappointing cross body bag encounter sent me scavenging the internet for pleasantly acceptable alternatives that won’t make my bank account come find me and kill me in my sleep.  If bank accounts were, you know, sentient beings. Check out my favorite fall picks below so that your bank account does not come and find you and kill you too. 

Blinkin Bag - Matt & Nat - $125

Shareen Bag - Matt & Nat - $125

Medium Minimal Satchel - New Look - $33

Vintage Leather Cross Body - Asos - $46
Silver Bumble Cross Body - Skinny Dip - $38

OOTD: September Sun

It's good to be home.  I'm happy to be back in familiar surroundings and settled into my old apartment that I left for the Summer.  Being back with Isaac is obviously a plus as well.  I've actually been back for a while but unfortunately came down with a terrible cold so the first days here were spent in bed binge watching Netflix and sipping tea.  Anybody else really into the TV show Gotham right now? Today was absolutely gorgeous as well so Isaac and I ran out to do some errands and shot some photos while out.  Also! I've decided to start vlogging (just like...every other blogger out there at this point) so stay tuned for my weekly vlog! It'll be coming out sometime next week.  I'm also spending time rearranging my apartment a bit so I'm hoping to get out some content related to that soon.

I'm totally loving this outfit too right now.  This shirt is vintage and needed some major TLC (missing buttons, a few holes) but I was able to fix it up and it's the first time I've been able to wear it.  Got to love breathing new life into something old.

Shirt - Vintage (similar here and here) / Jeans - River Island / Shoes - Cole Haan