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Leaving New York

It's a beautiful day in Central Park. As I sit eating my lunch in Sheep's Meadow, people less pale than me are lying in blankets getting sun and some shirtless dude is meditating. Oh look! Another shirtless dude just arrived. This one has a baby with him.

It's my last few hours in the city and I'm washed over with a certain feeling of calmness mixed with nostalgia. I really hate saying goodbye. Even if I know I won't see someone soon, I always tell them I'll see them later. So, it's not good bye, not entirely.

Being the overly-organized person I am, I finished cramming all my personal possessions into suitcases yesterday and have been left in a weird limbo of waiting for my ride share tonight with nothing else to do. Do I make an effort to have one last adventure in the city? I never did get to Ellis Island. But nah, it's best I just enjoy my time leisurely and try to suppress my stress about fitting all my suitcases in the car. I walked 10 blocks to my favorite falafel stand (Rafiqi's on 53rd and Park) then strolled through Central Park and here I sit in my favorite spot in the shade of Sheep's meadow. 

Ugh, I just spilled rice on myself. 

I'm really going to miss this city. Though I adore living in Montreal, it's not New York. It's even harder to believe that in a few short months I'll be finishing up my degree and then...who knows! Maybe I'll come back to New York. 

NYC, I love you, I'll see you later.

OOTD: North Carolina Vacation

I'm not sure which is more nerve-wracking: having your father meet your boyfriend or your judicious little sister meet your boyfriend.  This past weekend, I was down in Wilmington, North Carolina with my boyfriend Isaac.  Though my dad had met Isaac a few years prior in Montreal, the rest of my family had only encountered him through the wonders of Facetime.  So, this past weekend was a very exciting time given the fact that I have three younger half-siblings, grandparents, aunts, and cousins who all had to meet Isaac.  Thankfully (and not surprisingly) they all adored him as much as I do.

On Saturday night, after a beautiful day on the beach we went to dinner downtown with some more family.  Isaac and I went for a little walk before dinner to snap some outfit photos.  Since only my extended family lives in Wilmington, I hadn't spent much time in the area on my own.  As we strolled along the tree-lined streets, I fell in love with the old houses and hidden gardens behind ivy-covered brick walls.  Though I'm your quintessential New England girl, there's something to be said about Southern charm.

Dress - Michael Stars on ~sale~ / Shoes - H&M / Purse - Marc Jacobs (old)

OOTD: Central Park Afternoon

This past weekend it was insufferably hot in the city! Like, walk-outside-and-sweat-a-bucket hot.  My best friend Haleigh and I had planned to do a few fun things during the day but that just turned into hanging out in my air conditioned apartment until it was manageable enough to enjoy the sunset from Sheep Meadow in Central Park.  Fortunately, iced coffee and loose slip dresses go well with the humid heat that gripped the city that day.  I picked up this dress a few weeks ago from Urban Outfitters and it has been just perfect for braving the weather without feeling entirely stifled.  Paired with a red lip and a colorful bag, I made the heat work without looking like the hot mess I felt.

Dress - Silence + Noise 

Summer Reading List

Does anyone else miss having a set list of things they had to read each summer? I mean, theoretically I can give myself a set list of things to read but it's not exactly the same, is it? This summer I've been blowing through historical mysteries like nothing.  I've loved reading the book reviews from Lizzy at Shot From the Street so I thought I'd go through some of the books I've been flying through this summer! Check out my list of reading below, and let me know in the comments if you think I should continue with this series!

  1. Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr - So last year I blew through Carr's first book, The Alienist. Angel of Darkness is the sequel to The Alienist and is told from a different character's perspective as the group traverses downtown Manhattan and the Hudson Valley trying to find an entirely different killer.  The first book was infinitely better, but Angel of Darkness wasn't far behind.  It's one of those things where the sequel can never surpass the original.  Both books follow a troupe of mismatched characters as they team up to catch a murderer.  At the center of it all is Dr. Lazlo Kreisler, an "alienist" by profession but what would now be known as a psychologist.  Kreisler along with the other characters use psychological tactics to understand the killer's mind and catch them that way.  If you haven't read the Alienist, I would highly recommend it.  Angel of Darkness? Eh, you can go without reading it.  
  2. A Gilded Grave & A Golden Cage by Shelly Freydont - Oh boy did I read these books quickly.  I picked up one at Book Hampton this past weekend for a quick easy Summer read and by Monday evening I was on my way to the book store in Manhattan for the next one.  Now I'm itching for the third to come out! These books were quick and easily enjoyable.  They take place in Newport, Rhode Island (right near my hometown!) during the Gilded Age and star a young female detective who solves murders with the assistance of her intrepid maid.  For lovers of Downton Abbey, it has the perfect mix of upstairs and downstairs while adding a mystery for flair.  Totally recommend! 
  3. As Death Draws Near (Lady Darby Mystery) by Anna Lee Huber - this is the book I'm currently reading now, since it just came out.  I got completely sucked into the Lady Darby Mysteries last winter when I picked up The Anatomist's Wife while visiting family in North Carolina.  Taking place in the 1830s, Lady Darby is a curious artist with anatomical training who gets roped into solving mysteries in the Scottish Highlands.  Albeit, it's rather unrealistic to have such a headstrong female working in a pseudo-official capacity on murders.  But, it's fiction right? Still one of my favorite mystery series in general and definitely my favorite historical mystery series at the moment.
  4. Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mystery) by Tasha Alexander - The series that started my obsession with female-led historical mysteries.  Tears of Pearl is the latest book I went through by Tasha Alexander, though it's not the latest in the series.  In all honesty, I was extremely disappointed.  So much so that I haven't touched the next book in the series as it sits on my bedside table.  In comparison to the previous mysteries in this series, Tears of Pearl was shallow in content and character development.  I hear that the series gets better afterwards, but it will take me a while to get over this one.

OOTD: Summer in the City

New York City can get rather...gross during the Summer.  This entire weekend has been a mix of humidity and drizzles which resulted in a very sticky and curly-haired me.  Thankfully, I dressed appropriately.  This romper is a definite treasure I got from Isaac's sister's closet clean out.  A little TLC, a new button and a safety pin later it was ready to roll.  Matched with some Stan Smiths and the outfit was about as good as you can get when you're romping around downtown in the heat and humidity.

Romper - Wilfred (old) / Purse - Kenzo / Shoes - Addidas Stan Smith

I'm really digging rompers right now too.  They're so easy to just throw on and head out.  It's also a great non-committal way to try out the all-denim look.  Check out some of my favorite denim rompers below!

Denim rompers

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Slip Into Something More Comfortable: My Favorite Mules to Shop Now

I've been dragging my heels with the recent mules trend.  Ha! Get it? Dragging...heels...shoes...okay I'll stop.  In all actuality I haven't been a huge fan of mules.  It's taken me a while to warm up to it and honestly I'm finally considering getting a pair mostly because of the annoying blisters I keep getting on the back of my feet.  Is that a horrible excuse? Probably.  But! I can avoid these blisters in style. Check out some of my favorite picks that I just might be be scooping up in SoHo after work this week.

Zara - Leather Slides with Bow
New Look - Block Heel Mule

See by Chloé - Tiny Mule High Heel Wedge Sandals

Topshop - NINO Suede Mules

AW 2016 Zara Ballet

My ballet career lasted about eight months.  At four years old, I was extremely uncoordinated and hated being told what to do.  I kept the outfit though! Tutus go with everything, especially when you're four.

I've been completely obsessed with the Miu Miu ballet flats for months now.  It's like my new tutu.  Unfortunately, their $620 price tag is...well, that's more than my rent.  (I'll leave it there) This morning as I was scrolling through my bloglovin feed I read that Zara is releasing a ballet collection - so, of course I'm super excited. Check out my favorite pieces below:

Cropped Bow Trousers
Lace-Up Leather Ballet Flats
Crossover Cropped Top